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To empower blockchain communities with a custom made decentralized crypto exchange and a fee structure that benefits all traders.
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Mainnet - Live.

We are happy to inform that is now live on Bitshares Blockchain. Join us now!

What are we doing now?

  • Developing ETH/ERC20 support;
  • Gateway optimizations;
  • Searching for new assets to list;
  • New tool to airdrop coins.

What can you do now?

Suggest new assets to list, including ETH/ERC20 tokens, create your new BitShares account using DynX platform and give us your feedback/ideas that you would like to see developed.

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What’s DynX?

We are a decentralised crypto asset exchange (DEX) built on the BitShares blockchain. This means that all our transactions, Orderbooks and accounts can be easily viewed in the BitShares BlockExplorer.
As a BitShares based DEX, all your assets funds are stored in your bitshares account, which private keys are only owned by yourself. All users personal information are completely anonymous and no KYC is required to trade in dynx, and all trades and account balances are transparent, as they can be seen in the BitShares Explorer.

Funding: No ICO. Self funded.

We are a lean team of 3 members that started to work in Crypto in late 2017 with the launch of the mining pool service In this short amount of time we had more than 18000 registered miners, a happy community and a top notch service with 99% uptime. Now we are committed to take our community to the next level with the launch of DynX. All the costs are 100% funded by the team, without any ICO or any other funding method.

Our competitive advantage.

Our vast knowledge of the blockchain space is a great asset and its fundamental for the success of this project. We have grown in the PoW altcoin space and from there we were able to get the technical skills necessary to develop a project of the magnitude. Our team is in constant communication with various communities, which allow us to understand their needs and act accordingly.
Our main goal is, and will always be, to deliver value to all communities where we are involved.


A new approach.

A new approach. Listing fees. Trading fees.

Listing fees.

The core business of any exchange should not include to profit from listing fees. This values are often very high and end up to indirectly support various exit scams made by dubious development teams in many new altcoin projects that appear everyday. This teams justify their high premines and the pre-selling for Masternodes with these costs. Our business model does not include this fees. With the listing process we will implement when we launch in mainnet, ALL projects have the possibility to be listed without paying any fees if they can fill our requirements.

A new approach. Listing fees. Trading fees.

Trading fees.

We believe that trading fees should be fair, that’s why we have defined all market fees at 0.1%.

This will not change until we launch our innovative fee structure, that is designed to benefit the communities of each project. But one thing is certain, the fees will not be higher than 0.1%.

Base pairs.

To be listed as a base pair in any exchange is something that usually only the top volume coins/tokens usually achieve.
That's something we intend to change in DynX.
DynX will have the following base pairs at launch:

Bitcoin Digibyte Polis

DGB and Polis will be listed as base pairs, as we believe they are strong projects with engaged communities.

Litecoin Cash is the winner of the online poll made to decide the final base pair. It's our pleasure to have this amazing community as a key part of our platform.

The honorable second place belongs to ReddCoin. They are another amazing community and they will be granted a listing in the DEX.

List of Assets currently listed in DynX:

Litecoin, Verge, Snowgem, Vertcoin, Ravencoin, Doge, Dash, Myriad, Bitcoin Gold, Reddcoin, Bitcoin cash, PIVX, Zcoin, Smartcash, Zcash & Groestlcoin.

Community oriented.

Feel free to contact us with your ideas and feedback. We appreciate all feedback and will adapt our roadmap if it benefits the community.

Long term vision.

To create an integrated ecosystem where traders, miners and stakers have common benefits that will help them take their business to the next level.


By experience, we know that it’s not that easy to get in touch with the support team of most exchanges. Problems can take weeks to be solved and there are many cases where we simply do get an answer.
Well, that's something we want to change. In order to facilitate the contact with our communities we have prepared multiple contact points:

At this point we still can’t guarantee live support 24/7, but we are close to it, even with our small team. It is a top priority to grow the support team as soon as we have the volumes that will allow us to pay the cost to hire the necessary team members.


DynX Roadmap.

Launch of mainnet platform
Support ETH and ERC20 tokens
100 markets
Increase stability and performance
CoinMarketCap Listing
500k daily volume
150 markets
Cryptonote based coins like XMR/ETN support
Increase gateway performance
Implement Mining pool and exchange integration
1m daily volume
Hire new team members
Mobile apps
Blockfolio integration
200 markets
1.5 Million daily volume
Improve Mining pool and exchange integration
New website design and functionalities
250 markets
NEW Altcoin with benefits for the community
2 million daily volume
Improve Mining pool and exchange integration
Launch year 2 Roadmap

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